Highball: The art of climbing rocks without a rope that are dangerously tall.

Had fun out in the rocks today with Mason, Brian, Diana, Beppe, and Andrew. Highballing I learned, means climbing really tall boulders. Crazy stuff guys, thanks for taking me out.

And for climber nerds that want allll the beta... Click here for the rest.

Beppe leaning into it. The pocket rip is the latest climbing trend.

Mason prefers tall rocks. I'd rather have a rope personally. Teenage Lobotomy, Squamish.

Andrew works his way around the bat cave.

The light got dreamy and the rock went jurassic.

Diana locks a heel hook, ignores frozen purple toes and leans into it.

Brian doing his thing, Andrew and Diana wait below with hugs. Teenage Lobotomy, Squamish.

Beppe doing his thing for the ladies.