Scott & Michela

When many good (looking) friends meet in a sunny place the dance party rocks the night.

At the end of August I had the chance meet Scott and Michela, with Poppet of Maui Maka Photography out at North Arm Farm in Pemberton (check out to see their incredible work). It was new being a stranger at a wedding, but in the end it was a hell of a lot of fun and I met a bunch of great (and attractive!) people. I'll never forget dancing the night away under the warm glow of christmas lights in a barn full of garlic hanging from the roof, with the moon rising above Mount Currie out back. 

Laughs, shotguns and shotskis. The bridesmaids were a blast.

Happy years Scott and Michela!

There's something about sunflowers and sunsets...

It was a Massey wedding, though it took me a bit to realize they were 'the' Massey's and weren't just enjoying tractors with the same name!

Tyler, a classy brother.