Island Time

A reflection on Salt Spring Island and what home means.

When you grow up in a collection of homes on a small island finding a sense of place becomes harder, and easier. Without a specific backyard to remember from childhood, it's all the places we adventured on the island that ground me now. And as I grow up, I go back, try and get grounded, and realize just a little bit more how damn lucky I was to grow up on Salt Spring Island.

Here are a few photos from a visit home during the holidays. 

Looking south towards the Olympic Peninsula past Vancouver Island from the top of Mt. Bruce. The only place in the Gulf Islands you can get a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire Salish sea.

Out for a rip on a dark night after first snow with the brew! Top of Mount Maxwell looking towards Mt. Sullivan and Mt. Bruce.

I find as I grow up there's a little bit of solace to be found in every piece of rock surrounded by water. There seems to be something simple, humble and easier to understand about land that's defined by shoreline.

This is Ireland. Renée is Irish. Well, maybe it's Hornby Island, but the dream goes on.

The wild sandstone waves the ocean has carved into Hornby's shoreline are so cool!

Dexter chasing single track in the mist.

Over the holidays Dexter and I rode miles of gorgeous mossy single track. We've started to discover more, and more trails budding out the back yard. Thanks goes to the mystery trail builders.

Looking down at Cowichan Bay from a secret spot.

Mt. Baker from a lookout carved into a scree slope and some Scotch Broom up Jasper Way. The last sunset of 2015.

Can someone please name this Nudibranch?? We kindly called it "The Blob," but that just won't do.

A stray mutt chases happiness in the form of a strangers pat.

It was awesome to see the build up of life around Hornby Island as the Stellar and California sea lions, bald eagles, seals etc. mass a month or so early for the upcoming herring run. It's hard to fathom just how important a small fish can be to an entire coastlines health.

First skate of the year! Kevan cruises in the late afternoons light.

We spent a lot of time going up the mountains over the break... There's no better place for a view or to let loose. I lucked out big time and the pond was finally frozen! Haven't skated on it in years and we spent the days after playing hours of pond hockey. Here's to the new year!

Yep. Different stokes for different folks. Pretty sweet though.

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