Smoke and Mirrors

A reflection on a summer spent fighting wildfires and all that goes unsaid. 

I spent the summer based out of Cranbrook, BC chasing wildfires with an Initial Attack Crew. Most of these are taken with an iPhone 4 w/ a cracked lens. But it gives you an idea of what we were up to. Hats off to all the nutters I worked with.  

Letting this one rip, way out in the middle of nowhere west of Fort Nelson, BC.

Working out by Toad River, north eastern BC.

Imagine the dinosaurs running through these hills...

Flying through the southern Canadian Rockies. Twenty minutes of helicopter heaven... up and over Fischer Mountain.

Fire safari.

Melski, diggin deep'

Amanda. You stillllllll owe me the front seat.

Long lining, slinging our gear off the mountain.

Jess watching the world slide by. An hour long flight from Toad River back to Fort Nelson.

The Northern rockies 1500km from home base. As grey as the smoke that hangs low over them.