Below are some of the services Keegan offers. He is open to proposals and actively encourages nutty ideas.


Content Creation - Brand Visioning

In an image saturated world, relevant and high quality imagery is essential for engaging with a client base. Insight into understanding how to create shared values with customers through imagery and brand visioning is one of Keegan's specialties. 

Stuck on ideas? Reach out, he's happy to pitch you a story/photo shoot proposal.


Portraits - Elopements

Working closely with people, gently teasing a smile or asking for a moment of intimacy from a subject is Keegan's favourite part of photography. He offers both indoor and outdoor fine art portrait sessions and the opportunity to elope with him as a personal photographer with an eye for love and the landscape.

Eccentric locations are encouraged. 


Content Writer - Stories - Travel Writing 

Keegan grew up writing funny stories about fictionalized characters he drew. When he started travelling, his letters home quickly turned into a personal blog. Now, after studying both creative writing and journalism at university he is well equipped to capture and sculpt a story into being.

A reverence for storytelling and its importance also informs Keegan's visual work.