A walk with Chef Haidee Hart

One of the last warm days of summer spent wandering the farm, and home, of the talented Haidee Hart

This past summer I got to know Chef Haidee Hart while working for Stowel Lake Farm (one of my jobs this past summer was building Stowel Lake Farm a new website). And thankfully I was also lucky to get to know her family and occasionally sneak a bit of the food she was cooking up for retreats.

After a summer of watching Haidee and her team do magic to food, we finally caught a moment to take a walk together in search of the nights meal.

If you’re interested in elegant, organic, fresh food, I’d highly recommend trying to find yourself a table somewhere near Haidee… You can learn more about Haidee’s recipes here or follow her on Instagram to learn a trick or two here (though I wouldn’t suggest it if you’re hungry…).

Photos: Knives are made on island by the incredibly talented Seth of Cosmo Knives and the wine is by Tyler the magician at TH Wines in Summerland (I vouch for their Pinot Noir 2016).

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