Father and Son Lake

We have a long, and comedic history of going off island for an explorative day trip, getting stuck and not coming home...

That moment when you wake up, phone your dad and brother and find out they're at the ferry terminal because they missed the boat, and you get out of bed and race to the ferry terminal, go on an epic 4x4 rip, finally find the lake you're looking for then rally logging roads for three hours straight only to miss the ferry home and then get stuck at a run-down motel in Crofton and it's Sunday and work calls the next morning...

This Toyota deserves a medal of valour for all the places its been.

It's not hard to imagine there is a better way to do this. The steep valleys behind Port Alberni.

A Red Columbine's petals droop in the morning mist.

We finally found the lake and it was a beauty.

Evan stripped and walked in to rescue a lure stuck on a log, then he walked out with a fish. The shock was mutual.