Boys like rocks

Girls climb rocks too, and often better, but this is an ode to some goofballs I chase around in the woods.

Very rarely and sometimes never, it stops raining in Squamish during the winter. When that happens, and if it does, people let out all of their stir-crazy-squirrel urges and go chase masochism in the form of bouldering. There's something primally satisfying about climbing up large chunks of rock with nothing but a piece of foam and some friends who are half invested in your safety trying to catch you if you fall -that is, if they're not too busy eating their lunch.

For all the beta bandits the rest of the photos are HERE.

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Josh Carter on 'Missing in Action' v8, Squamish BC, Canada.

Mason Pitchell on 'Missing in Action' v8, Squamish BC, Canada.

Andrew McKean nailing his first v8 (but he can climb v9 and v10, what?) on 'Missing in Action' v8, Squamish BC, Canada.

The mark of a climber, little crevices and notches of rock that look like they're covered in bird poo.

Mason Pitchell doing the koala on 'The Summoning -sit,' v12, Squamish, BC, Canada.

Andrew McKean on 'The Summoning -stand,' v10, Squamish, BC, Canada.