Eurasian Eyes 5.13b Squamish, BC

This was the most exposed climbing shoot I've ever done. Hanging over the dead air space, trying to capture the inverted action and not lose my cool.

Recently I had the chance to chase Jesse Warren and Sam Conard into the grandeur of granite. It was a pretty wild experience watching the guys absolutely crush routes that I couldn't even see the hand holds for. Safe to say they gave me a new respect for how hard it is to be good at this sport. 

Thanks to Jesse I was up on ascenders hanging in the free space taking pictures of them in their element. I'll admit to being more scared than them...

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After a "Jesse Warren Scramble" aka a "no-fall-zone-belay-down-later-scramble", Noah takes a moment to look up at the route, way way up.

This gives you an idea of how closely related climbers and geckos are. Jesse holding onto pretty much nothing.

Sam sending!

A real pretty arête and the crux move.

This is what a scared Keegan face looks like. Hanging above the chasm...

Sam running up the crack.

Jesse in the zone.

Speed fliers taking to the sunset skies with Atwell and Garibaldi in the background and the chief on the side.